Architectural photographer

An architectural photographer is a professional of photography who’s specialty is working with built spaces. These types of areas can range from temples which have been discovered at an archaeological dig to newly built parking garages. There are different kinds of expert photographers who could choose an area of specialty like for instance residential, commercial, interior architecture or retail places. These kinds of photographers can perform a huge variety of jobs within their profession. Depending on the nature of an architectural photographer’s work, they might design promotional materials, produce works of art or design informational projects.

Documenting architecture requires special care similar to working in any field of art since architecture itself is believed to be an art form. Similar to other types of photographers, architecture photographers are familiar with problems like light levels, focus, different printing techniques, texture and they know how to manipulate these effects in order to create a variety of different looks and feels for the overall photograph. They must also know how to frame their images and what types of moods they hope to evoke with a particular photograph.

An architectural photographer might sometimes be employed to take photos for documenting an architectural project. These photos could consist of shots of before and after photos of a site or building that is being renovated. Other detailed photos which depict the building exterior may also be included. These images must be placed in context in order to flow correctly. This layout forces the photographer to think about how much to include within every frame. It is really important to decide whether or not it might be necessary to take aerial photographs as well. Taking pictures of architectural models can also be involved in this type of photography work. The pictures taken could be used in promotional publications for the building or for the architect. In addition, the photos could be utilized for informational packets and for portfolios for competitions. These informational packets could then be provided for governments or to people who are interested in the project et cetera.

Interior designers and architects often retain an architectural photographer to take photographs for a portfolio. These particular images highlight the artistic nature of a project. Sometimes, these pictures are standalone works of art. Some architectural photographers also photograph buildings for art exhibitions. They can treat these images as artworks and these images can be reproduced in architecture books and photography collections.

Art schools with photography departments could offer some degree of architectural photographer training. Students may find it a good idea to take an internship with an expert architecture photographer in order to learn about the day to day work in the field. Numerous students take coursework in architecture in order to deepen their knowledge of the structures that they photograph. Others can pick up their architectural photography skills naturally and be able to make a portfolio of architectural images which could be used to solicit and retain new customers.